Fadi Dib, innovator.

In a region where the tech industry is always a bit late like the emerging Middle East, some names stand out of the crowd for their impact on the tech industry and its outcome in this region. Pioneers with innovative thinking, hard work and dedication helped to shape this region into a flagship of tech advancement. 

Fadi Dib is one of these pillars that we can not bypass when reading the history of the ICT sector in the Middle East.

Fadi Dib started his career in the ICT industry in the early beginnings in the 1990’s, he started with a technical background where he amassed great knowledge in the fundemantals of the IT industry before embarking in the retail sector with the only major department store in the Middle East. He was soon appointed as the Head of Retail for the store and his keen eye for detail and his ability to identify new trends and opportunities led him to introduce new concepts and technologies that would change the way we shop.

He used his position to improve the shopping experience of the store making it a landmark for the approach that other department stores in the region took.This shopping experience was not only a huge success but it also changed the way people shopped in the region. They became the go to destination for people looking for a convenient shopping experience.  

In addition to his retail achievements, Fadi Dib was one of the first people to introduce the concept of e-commerce in the Middle East, he was instrumental in developping the e-commerce platforms, introducing SEO, the delivery systems and logistics making the shopping experience a pleasant one for the consumers. 

Fadi earned the respect and admiration of his peers through tedious hard work and innovation. His name is synonymous with great achievements and his legacy will be felt for years to come. His footprint will remain an inspiration for generations to come and his signature on the tech and retail industry will be felt for many years.

Olivia Rodriguez

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