Thousands Swear By This $16 Car Mount That Works With Literally Every Smartphone

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Raise your hand if you’ve tried one or two (or more!) phone mounts for your car, but they always just fall, or block the air, or drop your phone, or make it impossible to get your phone out at the end — or otherwise find a way to be not worth the money you spent.

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I know, it sucks. And it’s so useful to have your phone up so you can follow the GPS and know that you’re mom’s calling and that you need to pull over to call her back!

Well, I’m here to solve that small problem for you. Because the iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount is seriously the perfect universal holder to keep your phone out of your hand, cupholder, and the gap between the seats — instead, it will always be right wherever you need it. You’ll be able to glance at it but still keep your eyes on the road. And it doesn’t even use permanent sticky adhesive!

Although for the sake of you and other drivers around you, now that your phone’s going to always be easy to access while you drive, please make sure you’re safe about using your phone in the car! (And follow your local laws!)

It can fit basically any smartphone: It ~officially~ works with iPhone 6 and 6+, the Galaxy S5-S2, the Galaxy Note 2, 3, and 4, the HTC One M8, the Google Nexus 4 and 5, and the LG G3. But if you dig through the reviews, plenty of people with bigger phones, like the iPhone X, use it and love it!

It sticks and stays put to either your windshield or your dashboard with a locking-suction system. (I always worry that something like this will tumble off if I brake even a *little* too hard, but this device DIDN’T BUDGE when this TRUCK ROLLED OVER one and a quarter times into a ditch!!),

And don’t worry, the driver was completely fine! PLUS, the locking system that held their phone kept it safe and secure — which as incredibly important, so they could find their phone afterward, when they really needed it.

“I rolled my truck 1 1/4 times going around 60 mph into a ditch. I was not injured, just shaken up and sore. After I unbuckled myself and turned the engine off I looked for my phone and no joke, it was exactly where is was before the roll…right there in the mount holder on the dash. I even have/had it mounted backwards so the arm can extend farther. Plus, my phone is a Note 5, which aren’t small by any means. With it being extended out as far as it was and with the weight of my Note 5, I’m impressed to say the least that it didn’t break from the whiplash of the impact or fail to hold my phone through it all.

*I should note that my eyes were on the road when I lost control. It was an icy morning and I caught a patch of ice while accelerating which initially caused me to spin out. I don’t want anyone to think it was caused by me looking at my phone.” —Amazon Customer

And because it can be hard to see your phone when it’s too far away, the mount has a telescopic arm that extends out a full 6.5 inches — all while keeping the phone perfectly still — so you can glean all the info you need from Google Maps from one quick glance.

BTW, even though it sticks and stays, it’s not ~permanent~ in the least — you can remove it and reposition it as many times as you need without damaging your car’s interior. I don’t know about you, but I know I’d definitely want to try it in several different spots to see what I like best. So that’s a win!,

As long as you install it on your windshield or dash, avoid putting it on any leather or faux-leather (so if you have a fancy car, def use the windshield, or even the plastic part of the middle console), and follow the included directions to remove it safely, it’s basically infinitely re-positionable.

AND if it ever does lose its sticking power (it’ll be thanks to gradual dust and dirt), all you have to do to get it to work again is rinse it in water and let it air-dry to restore it to its former glory. This is a car mount that you’re NEVER gonna have to throw away.,

“I purchased this item on May 1 last year. This January, a full nine months later, it finally fell off the dash onto my seat. I have it mounted far forward where the dash curves down, fully extended and hanging precariously like a tree off the side of a cliff. All the hot and cold extremes here in Minnesota and all the vibration, bouncing around in travel, starts and stops, and it finally let go. I brought it in the house and washed off the dust it collected in the fall with a little soap and warm water and re-attached it. It isn’t going anywhere again for a long time, except when I drive it around.” —Randy L.

I haven’t even mentioned yet how incredibly easy it is to lock your phone into it when you get in the car, then release it when you get to your destination. The GIF speaks for itself — you just press it in and it locks, no fumbling necessary:

Y’all, there’s a reason over ELEVEN THOUSAND people have given this car phone mount a positive review on Amazon. It’s actually well-designed, and just plain works.

“The suction cup is not only a suction cup, but also has a good adhesive to help stick the cup to your windshield. If you’re wanting to just use an adhesive pad, they have that too (included in the box!). Then it has a arm that moves up and down, at an angle, and then another adjustment that elongates the arm. Super customizable. The actual phone mount is great, too. You simply put your phone into the mount, which depresses the center button, which clamps down the two side arms. Oh, and that bottom tab? It moves! That means you can have it work with many types of phones, and still be plugged in for charging! The phone is then easily released with one hand by pinching in the two side levers. Overall it is the perfect phone mount and exactly what I was looking for! Extremely recommended!” —Jack Stretch

“I have it fixed to my windshield. Here in Australia we experience temps up to 120ºF, and the quality has not degraded nor has the pad lost its stickiness due to the heat (which I thought it would)! The application couldn’t be simpler. The arm is fully adjustable in two places. I have a wider phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which fits in snug and perfectly, even with a large shock-proof rubber case! Removal is just as easy, with the two clips on the side. What a perfect little ripper!” —Nicholas Bailey

So if you’re ready to transform your everyday driving experience with a car mount that makes using your GPS easy, get the iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount on Amazon for $15.99. And soon, this could be you…

Hey, I like to appreciate the small pleasures in life.

I can’t promise it’ll make every trip feel like you’re driving through LA with Garfield, but it will make a little part of your life a little bit easier!


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