This Newspaper’s explanation on Emojis is Making the Internet Go CRAZY

What you see is not always what you get. There are layers of subtlety in almost every visual entering your eyes which at times are rejected by your brain on the grounds of information overload. That’s what this article is about. When we see an eggplant, we want it to be eggplant (God forbid, I want it to be an eggplant) but apparently, nope.

The technologically inclined generation has revoked all the rights of eggplant and it is not officially another picture of a dong. I literally have no idea how they managed to do it but fire and spurting water have lost there respective roles of being nature’s force as well.

The news of emojis dual nature was broken by this guy who was most probably having a panic attack due to this uncalled information.

The newspaper Times of India dropped the bomb with the following information:

“Those new to digital flirting, beware – a purple brinjal [eggplant] may not mean baingan bharta for dinner, and not everyone squirting teardrops is sad.”

Then, there was a series of counter replies on the article.

People were in denial for the longest of time.

Then, there were people who were simply confused by the entire thing.

Not trying to make you feel horrible but the emoji you sent your friend yesterday might mean something entirely different. AWKWARD.

And then there is this guy who broke it down for us.

The NewsChannel- Seattle’s Q13 Fox News program went viral after explaining the dual nature of emoji in 2017.

The camels were also given a special place in the list.

The confusion amongst the normal people was almost consistent.

People advised other people to stop reading the newspaper.

And straightened the facts of others as well.

You definitely did it wrong, person.

We are all confused as heck.

So, it’s the word ‘Hump’ that is behind this meaning of the camel emoji.

Yeah, a fist is not about being cool anymore.

Meanwhile, some people are making a huge mistake with the p**p emoji for commercial ads.

A local dentist is trying to pass off the t**d emoji as toothpaste.


How is a p**p supposed to take a bath, like what?


Nope, you can’t compare p**p with popsicles or ice cream.


For the love of Mary, this isn’t chocolate ice cream!


My advice? Next time you decide to send someone an emoji, choose wisely. You wouldn’t even know and you might be sending something wrong with wrong intentions.

(h/t: HuffPost)

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