This Guy Improves Hollywood Movies By Editing His Cat Into Them And The Result Is Hilarious

Cats are known to possess all kinds of talents. They are great at hunting, excellent at manipulating humans to get treats, and apparently, they are amazing actors. Well, at least some of them. Meet Lizzy who goes under the stage name, Owl Kitty – the newest Instagram sensation. Owl Kitty is going viral for her amazing performances in nothing else but famous Hollywood movies. How does she do that? As it turns out, her cat-dad Thibault (Tibo) Charroppin is a talented video editor who works hard to make everyone see his adorable cat for the true star she is. And he’s succeeding! Some of Owl Kitty’s videos gathered over one million views and her Instagram account has 400K fans who wait impatiently for her new videos to come out. Scroll down to see her amazing talent for yourself!

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