This Artist Empowers Visual Puns and Optical Illusions in his Incredible Paintings

Stephan Schmitz is a visual illustrator who earned his name and fame with numerous awards and publications throughout the years 2014-16 consecutively, internationally. Schmitz completed his education in illustration from Lucerne School of Art and Design and now he hails in Zurich, Switzerland.

His main focus is on the conceptualization of modern society and it’s dark shadows which he smartly weaves into his illustrations. The pieces that he creates are contemporary art that has a sharp and edgy thought-out theme that can tell a million stories to the viewers. His ability to capture such delicate and controversial theme and make them worthwhile for anyone is his true gift. Here are some of his amazing artworks.

1. The relationships we see today.


The lies and the excuses that eventually tears them apart.

2. Lost in the art and imagery.


When an artist dedicates his time for a beloved, it’s their best time spent in the studio.

3. The world of Internet and Fame.


They go hand in hand, and where does ‘reality’ fit in here?

4. The commitments of a couple.

There will always be a detachment between families but there is also healing.

5. The road to 100% success is 99% failure.

The successes we see today was a product of multiple falls.

6. We all hate looking in the mirror when it reveals the truth.

What does your image tell you?

7. Virtual dreams are very easy to have.

But when the actual hard work is needed, most people run away.

8. Finding solace in each other’s solitary.

When loneliness hits us, we tend to find a place in a person who suffers the same.

9. Time is money.

In today’s world, the way you manage your time is how you maintain your future.

10. To imagine the non-existent.

It is very common during childhood to have imagery friends, something the world tends to ignore.

11. The image of a perfect wife.

Nobody is perfect, it is just a stereotypical judgment.

12. The media which tells tales of people’s mind.

Nowadays nothing can be trusted, what we see and hear it’s all a facade.

13. Science in our daily lives.

We fail to see it but it is the underlying formula of life on the planet.

14. Make belief truths that don’t exist.

It’s the world of illusion and tricks.

15. Determining the gender of a baby before labor.

It is illegal in most countries due to its ugly truth about gender preference.

16. Adultery, the unwanted sin.

It is such a shame that some men fall into such traps after marriage.

For more pictures, click here.


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