These Photos Might Seem Innocent, But Look Closer

July 7, 2018 | Ryan

Creepy Pasta

The Internet can be a creepy place. With so much access to all kinds of content, it’s only a matter of time before users come across things they didn’t want to see. Most people will bail as soon as they realize they’ve stumbled onto something scary, but some will choose to share the images in hopes that they will go on to terrify others. The pictures in this article, which all feature hidden horrors, have circulated online for so long it’s almost impossible to figure out where they originally came from. Somehow, this makes them even harder to look at…


The images above show Slender Man, a fictional supernatural character who is depicted as a thin, unnaturally tall humanoid with a featureless head and face and wearing a black suit. While it has been confirmed that his appearances are the work of photo editing, the mythology around the figure has grown, even inspiring actual crimes, since he was introduced online almost a decade ago. Unfortunately for anyone reading this, the validity of the pictures here aren’t as readily available. Are they real or do they come from someone’s twisted imagination? Read ahead to find out…

Inside The Wreckage

Get Creeped Out

Home is where the heart is. It’s where we feel safe and where we live with our families, forming memories and accumulating all of the possessions and belongings that give our lives meaning. While we form a lot of deep connections with our place of residence, homes are sadly vulnerable to a variety of dangers that threaten to disrupt the lives of whoever inhabit them. From natural disasters, like earthquakes, tornadoes and floods, to potentially manmade threats like fires, homes can only be equipped with so much protection…

The image above is hard to look at for multiple reasons. Considering everything said before, just knowing that the absolutely destroyed residence was once a happy home is devastating, but that’s not all… Beyond the burnt wreckage, which once stood strong and supported the lives of whoever lived inside, something else hides. If you look at the upper part of the middle of the picture, you can see a figure lurking behind the exposed, charred beams. Is it just an optical illusion, or maybe what’s responsible for the fire?

The Empty Chair


Thinking back to the last terrifying image, the one here is almost a “before” to its “after.” There’s a lot to deconstruct in the scene, from the interesting decor to the differing moods of each family member. The design doesn’t necessarily look vintage, but it doesn’t exactly look new either. Sitting within a room trapped in time, what is assumed to be a father, mother and son eat a meal. Their expressions are difficult to read, and the takeout is hard to identify.

The father seems to be either talking or sighing, the barefoot woman has a look on her face that registers as something between disdain and humor, and the child looks down, with what’s visible of his face showing as many features of a happy expression as a sad one. But there’s more to this scene than you think. While basic analysis shows an odd, yet normal, moment, the reflection in the window is everything but. How, if there are clearly three people at the table, is there a young woman sitting in the empty seat?

A Quiet Nap


Some of the images in this article seem authentic, while others are so scary they couldn’t possibly be real. The one above features nothing supernatural or photoshopped, it’s just simply a product of coincidental placement. But somehow, the appearance of a lone hand sticking out of a empty jacket resting on a sleeping person’s head is as chilling as any other. It’s obviously the person’s hand at an odd angle, but what if it wasn’t…

Mirror Image


Selfies are super popular, with countless social media users constantly chronicling their daily lives. At first glance, the photo above looks perfectly normal. A young woman takes a moment out of her day to snap a pic in what is more than likely her bedroom. While many might be distracted by the subject, more thorough viewers discovered a haunting, painted face hiding in the reflection of the small, circular mirror behind the girl on the lower left.

Spirit In The Snow

Daily Buzz Live

There’s something about nature that can be as haunting and scary as it is beautiful and majestic. Being separated from civilization presents various challenges, from wild animals to bad weather, that make city light even more appealing. If hungry predators and freezing temperatures aren’t enough to keep you out of the woods, maybe the appearance of a giant, evil face in the snow will. This is either photoshopped or coincidence, but either way, it’s chilling.

Corner Story


The photo above resembles a previous image, which showed a family inside of a room, with a wood facade, living through a typical moment. In this one, a young girl smiles reluctantly for what is probably the final shot of a birthday celebration. She’s wearing a party hat and standing behind a table with some cake plates, but there’s something else to this seemingly normal scene. To the left, a masked figure sneaks into frame.

A Walk In The Park


If you were to observe this moment in real life, you’d probably assume the two men had just picked up their friend from either the airport or a train station. They’re more than likely walking through the park to go back to one of their places, nothing suspicious here. But this isn’t a fleeting moment, it’s an image that can be studied. Notice the head sticking out of the suitcase?

Striking A Pose

Bored Panda

Many of these horrifying images, whether photoshopped or not, feature a supernatural or dangerous element hidden behind the intended subject. But every once in a while, a real picture with nothing scary or threatening can still be just as unsettling. At first glance, a woman with a short shirt grips her own waist, but then you see the second pair of legs. It’s easy to see what’s really happening, but there’s still something oddly wrong with the shot.

Pretty Pink Ball


There are countless childhood photos in every family just like the one above. In the shot, a young pair of siblings sit on the floor with a pretty pink ball. The girl, who is clearly older than the boy, smiles for the camera while he excitedly plays next to her. But behind them, a looming, angry face hovers inside the television screen, which appears to be turned off.

Reflection Separation

The Chronicle

We’ve seen a couple terrifying mirror images already, but this one might be the scariest. In the foreground, a man and a woman pose for a selfie, with his left arm extending out of frame to get the shot. The method is confirmed in the background, with the reflection on the door showing his hand positioned to take the picture. But how is the woman’s face looking at both the camera and the glass?

Under The Mattress

Twitter – @hunterphillipss

The scary element above is harder to spot than many of the others, making it even more unsettling. The young woman on the bed is smiling and holding a pillow in her lap. She appears to be ready for bed, with her glasses sitting on the shelf behind her, which also holds a fan, suggesting the room is warm. But look closely at the little bit of space between the mattress and the wall. Yes, that’s a face.

Over The Shoulder

Twitter – @florelenedml

There are a lot of selfies in this article, which is accurate considering there are a lot of them online, as well. The one above is probably from a night out, maybe a dance or special event, with the two subjects smiling big, suggesting that in the moment they don’t have a care in the world. But that comfort might be short lived. Take a deep breath and look directly over the blonde’s shoulder.

Backwards Hand

Twitter – @luissinh1

This image is immediately off. Some of the others in this article require a closer look, but the picture above instantly creates a feeling of pain and confusion. It doesn’t appear to be edited, but it must be. How else can the hand’s crazy contortion be explained? It would be one thing for either just the wrist or thumb or fingers to bend backwards, but for all of them to do so at the same time?

Peering Over

Creepy Pasta

Do you ever get the feeling you’re being watched? When you think you’re alone but can’t shake the feeling of some additional presence. This sensation is even more complicated today considering all the online content where people aren’t necessarily looking at you, but are viewing your pictures. Besides all of this girl’s online exposure, there’s another pair of eyes on her. Look closely in the background to see the face peaking over the open door.

Somebody’s Watching

eBaum’s World

There’s something weird about this photo, even before you notice the hidden supernatural element. The expression on the child’s face looks odd, like he’s straining for a different reason than his flexing pose. And the complete disinterest in the woman next to him adds to the strange vibe. But the subjects are nothing compared to what’s lurking in the background. Look closely under the kid’s right arm to see an evil creature hiding in the darkness.

Photo Bomb


There’s nothing supernatural here. It’s more of an example of how perfect timing and just the right angle can create an interesting illusion. At first glance, the image is creepy, because for a moment, it looks like a stranger is touching one of the subjects. But then you realize the man is too far behind to girls to reach them, so how is his hand on her shoulder? Well, it’s not his hand, but what if it was?

Impossible Mirror


Throughout this article, mirrors consistently supply creepy reflections of their subjects, or sometimes something else entirely. The image above becomes more and more unsettling the longer you look at it. First of all, the girl has an unhappy expression on her face, which we’re not exactly used to seeing in these types of photos. Then you notice that her reflection is also facing the camera. But that’s impossible, right?

A Smiling Child

Twitter – @emmablackery

There’s so much wrong with this picture. The little girl looks happy and normal, but so does her reflection in the mirror, which is somehow coming from what we have to assume is the side and back of her head. Also, it appears to be some sort of advertisement. What is the product? And how successful could this possibly have been? Unless the company was attempting to sell a haunted mirror.

Two Face

Twitter – @fieldsy1881

The more you look at all of these scary mirrored images, the harder they are to understand. The last one has a powerful air of creepiness due to the two seemingly happy expressions on the little girl(s) face(s). But the one above appears to be much more sinister. The girl, who is captured in reality on the right, looks okay, but her evil reflection on the left appears to be emitting a terrifying laugh.

The Banister

Horror Fuel

Vintage photography can often feel odd. Many early images were taken back before a lot of modern technological advancements were available, causing the subjects to appear grainy and blurry, which can disconnect them from reality. Even before you see what’s hiding behind the bannister, this scene seems scary. Who took it? Why? Isn’t it just an empty hallway and staircase? Mostly, but it also captures a figure with glowing eyes peaking out from behind the door.

Out Of The Closet

Scary For Kids

This image is dark, but not just because of the lack of light. Two friends pose for a selfie in a poorly-lit room, which almost causes the second guy to disappear behind the first. Another figure that’s mostly hidden in the background is almost too horrifying to be real. In the bottom right behind the boys, a creature that couldn’t possibly be human appears to be smiling at the camera. Please say it’s a doll or something.

Under The Cushion

The Daily Edge

In this article, we’ve seen some families, which, even beyond the terrifying elements, felt a little off. But the group above couldn’t be happier, with everyone embracing lovingly and smiling for the camera, capturing a nice moment. But they probably wouldn’t be so comfortable if they knew what was happening underneath them. Look right below the mother’s left leg.

A Beautiful Home

House White

The previous picture isn’t the only one with potentially haunted furniture. The idyllic scene above will remind many of that one room in their parents’ or grandparents’ house that no one is actually allowed to go in. The picturesque setting it too perfect to be lived in, but maybe there’s a reason for this beyond the meticulous decorations. Look behind the first pillow on the far left.

Don’t Turn Around


Selfies can be dangerous, either for the subject or even some innocent bystanders. It’s not clear exactly what’s happening in this image, beyond the girl posing for her camera, of course. Some of the photos captured in this article have to be studied to see the extra elements, but not this one. There’s clearly someone in the background, on the back of the car, possibly being hit or trying to break in. Either way, very unsettling.

Two Heads Are Better Than One

The Daily Buzz

This picture doesn’t have any dangerous threats lurking behind the subjects, but there is something weird about it. If you look at the image from top to bottom, it first appears to feature two friends happily posing in a smiling embrace for the camera. But as your eyes move below their heads it definitely seems like one of the girls doesn’t have a body. How skinny would she have to be to disappear behind her also skinny friend?

Wedding Day

Now You Know Facts

Weddings are magical occasions that required a lot of preparation to pull off. Many ceremonies take months and thousands of dollars to orchestrate, with countless moving parts like seating, catering, decorating and much more. At first glance, the wedding above looks to be moving along smoothly. Everyone is where they’re supposed to be and thankfully, considering it’s outside, there’s no rain. But read ahead to see what else is happening here…

Wedding Watchers

Now You Know Facts

In the back right of the previous picture, which has been zoomed in here, a terrifying group of masked, hooded figures stand in a row watching the wedding unfold. Dressed in bronze-coloured shrouds, with pale masks, dark veils and pointy black hats, they make a disturbing group. Thankfully, it was later revealed that the figures are actually dummies which were part of an art installation. But what if they weren’t?

Hidden Message

Daily Mail

Above is another image of a wedding that isn’t as immediately blood-curdling as the last two. But if you think about it, this one’s almost worse. During this traditional ceremony, a couple kneels before the altar, with the groom’s shoes holding a hidden message. This is either an epic prank or something much more sinister. Is he just having fun, or desperately trying to communicate that something really bad is happening?

Swings In The Fog

Twitter – @brokeen_wings

This scene looks like something out of a horror movie. Almost every element is creepy, from the empty swings to the heavy fog. But those superficial elements are nothing compared to what can been seen if you look closer. By the second pole from the front, you’ll noticed the appearance of some sort of figure blending into the scenery. It looks like the outline of a boy, but not as much as this next image…

Construction Sight

Twitter – @mazrub

The hidden subject of the image above looks so similar to one in the previous picture, an argument could be made that it’s the same spirit. What initially appears to be a random photograph of a construction site actually holds so much more. If you look closely at the giant front wheel of the machine, you’ll see the outline of a young boy, from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet.

Bathroom Selfie

Place Links

Here’s another seemingly innocent selfie. This one was taken in a women’s restroom, probably inside of a big stahl. Normally, the setting wouldn’t necessarily register, as many people use bathrooms to snap pictures. But if you look closely at the lower part of the frame, in between the girl in the middle and the one on the left, what appears to be a evil-looking male face peers up at the camera.

Happy Birthday

Daily Plug

The image above features another odd optical-illusion that gets scarier the more you think about it. There’s a lot going on in the picture of two, or more, friends celebrating a birthday, as confirmed by the message written on the balloon. But the phantom hand, which comes out of nowhere, combined with the scratched-out faces, creates an oddly eerie feeling. Are the two things connected, and if so, why? What happened after this was taken?

The Bunk Beds

Twitter – @scaryallyear

This picture combines a couple elements that have been seen in previous photos: the selfie and some haunted furniture. The darkness of the room and the black and white filter give the photo an initial sense of dread, and the woman’s face, which is somewhere between happiness and sadness, adds to the odd mood. But if you look right behind the top of her head, someone, or something, is hidden underneath the top mattress.

The Creeper

Twitter – @sinrei_ghost

Photobombs are typically humorous, with unintended additions popping up in the background behind the subjects. But every so often the surprise is actually pretty scary. Surely this photo isn’t edited, with the person behind the girls appearing normal enough, but his face and demeanor will definitely cause the hair on the back of your neck to stand. Why would anyone want to look so evil?

Hockey Mask Reflection

Boredom Therapy

There are two explanations for what’s happening in the image above. First of all, the main focus is on a happy young boy in a costume. But there’s something else that’s much more haunting, which leads us to the possibilities. One, which is much easier to digest, is that the reflection is just another boy in a costume. The other is that the image captures the moment before something horrible happened.

The Dreary Beach


Most of the pictures in this article were taken indoors, with the confined settings only adding the horrible feelings created by whatever’s caught in the background. But the image above captures an idyllic moment in the sand, with enough clouds in the sky to keep things cool while still qualifying as a sunny day. But if you look closely at the right side of the picture, there’s a figure, either man, animal or something else, hiding and waiting.

Beneath The Desk

Twitter – @al3xeitor_yt

The second to last selfie in this article features two friends posing in a bedroom. Their face masks are more than likely part of some sort of self-care ritual, but when you see the hidden element, you might second guess what the girls are doing. If you study the lower middle of the frame, right between their legs, a figure is propped up against the inside of the desk. Is it human, a doll, or something else entirely?

The Final Moments

Twitter – @street_fear

This picture might be the most chilling of them all, with the palpable possibility of threat lurking in the background. The subject is a happy young woman taking a selfie, but just to her left in the back of the room, a masked figure creeps into frame. Did she capture the final moments of her life, or is this an epic prank that might never be forgiven? Either way, this’ll have you looking over your shoulder.

Down The Drain


For the final image in this article, a construction worker is snapped coming out of a manhole. It’s not immediately visible, but if you look closely down the drain, there’s definitely something there. It’s probably photoshopped, or a weird reflection, but the fact that it looks like an evil clown just further confirms that you should stay out of the sewers.

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