The ‘Ugliest Bride’ Is Unrecognizable Now

July 17, 2018 | Matt

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What would you do if your wedding photos went viral? Not because of something funny that happened during your wedding. Not because you were famous. But because you were “ugly?” This nightmare scenario occurred for the couple shown above, whose names are still, mercifully, unknown to the public. When they published photos of their wedding to their social media accounts, some cruel souls decided to re-publish them elsewhere. The woman came to be known as “the ugliest bride in the world.”

Under Pressure

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In our highly visual and superficial culture, physical appearance has only grown more valued with time. Although there is a countervailing “body positive” movement meant to soften the blow of cultural body expectations, it may be waging a losing battle. For most people, those expectations exist as a kind of atmospheric pressure. We hear the signal, but we don’t hear it addressed specifically to us. This woman, after her photos went viral, was singled out to have her life blasted with a death star beam of pure internet hate.

In response, she undertook a dramatic physical transformation. The results are truly astonishing. Whatever her motivations were, whether fueled by self-love or trauma from her treatment, the change was unbelievable.

What We Know


The wedding occurred in 2011. They are Russian, living in Russia, and judging by their expressions in the photos, the wedding was a happy affair. They grinned ear to ear as they were wed, and appeared happy in subsequent honeymoon photos. When the other shoe dropped, however, it would nearly ruin their lives.


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On the honeymoon, the two of them still appeared to be in love, and having a great time. They posted photos of the wedding and their trip to Facebook. At first, they only got supportive comments from friends and family members, who were happy for their happiness. Later, someone saw the photos and spread them to other parts of the internet. Darker parts.

Hate Spills Forth

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Predictably, the comments their photos elicited were beyond cruel. She was called many names, probably the worst of which being “the ugliest bride in the world,” which stuck. Unfortunately, she was also aware of what was happening. As the hate rolled in, she was there to read it.

It Hurt

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The internet didn’t just attack her looks. They also questioned the legitimacy of the relationship and the husband’s motivations for marrying her. The implication being that she was so physically unattractive that love could not be possible for her to attain. The effect on her must have been beyond devastating.

They Tried To Ignore It


After the photos went viral, the couple reportedly tried to distance themselves from their viral fame and live their private lives in peace. Judging by the radical, far-reaching changes she made to her appearance, it seems like she couldn’t really put the cruel remarks out of her mind.

They Started Getting Recognized

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It’s hard to live your private life peacefully when strangers are constantly recognizing you. At the height of the viral phenomenon, they reportedly lived like minor celebrities. They were repeatedly recognized in public.

She Started To Make Changes

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Whether as a result of overwhelming direct pressure, or because she simply wanted to do it anyway (or both), she started to make dramatic lifestyle changes in order to lose weight. Over a few years and a lot of hard work, she got what she wanted. And then some.

Cleaning Up

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Tired of being gawked at and mocked, she implemented major changes to her diet and lifestyle, and also underwent surgical procedures to beautify herself. She was in store for a second viral popularity boost, this time for very different reasons.

A Reporter Tracked Her Down

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Most viral phenomena, and indeed most news stories in general, don’t live for very long. After the “ugliest bride” wave crashed and ebbed, a reporter tracked the couple down for a follow-up. They were apparently difficult to find, living very secluded lives in their Moscow suburb. Nevertheless, the reporter endeavored to locate them.

The Couple Is Found

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Through a bit of investigation, the reporter finally located the couple. What he saw was unexpected, to say the least. He snapped a photo of her that made it online, and the world was shocked.

A New Woman

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According to the reporter, the woman was totally unrecognizable from the photos that made her famous. The reporter even speculated that the man may have married a new woman. However, that’s actually her. The change was borderline miraculous.

A Six Year Transformation

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According to her, it took a full six years for her new appearance to come into being. She used basically every trick in the book to get there, from dieting to exercise to medical procedures. The “ugliest bride in the world” was now living in a very different body.

She Got Liposuction

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In addition to other procedures, she received liposuction. Liposuction is a method of surgically removing fat stores from the body. It has recently become less popular in favor of alternative methods. It appeared to work for her, though.

She Also Got Plastic Surgery

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In addition to the liposuction, she also received multiple facial surgeries. She also likely got hair implants. These were obviously major changes, but were implemented in conjunction with big shifts in healthy lifestyle.

She Started Eating Healthy

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Surgery can only get you so far. Liposuction especially is not worth the money if your lifestyle isn’t going to let you keep the weight off. She changed her diet around completely, making a habit of eating consistently well.

Complete Transformation

She told the reporter that she was not motivated to make these changes out of insecurity. Regardless, the transformation really could not be more dramatic. Now, she is living a very changed life. We wish her the best.

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