She Paid For Everything With Cash, Now We Know Why…

August 7, 2018 | Ryan

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The New York City socialite scene is one of the most exclusive in the world. To be a part of it requires a lot of money and power. Living this kind of rich lifestyle is available to anyone who meets the criteria and is able to fit in. Most normal people wouldn’t dare try to associate themselves with the social elite, but Anna Delvey wasn’t normal. She also wasn’t who she said she was…

Instagram – @anna.delvey

She had been floating around New York staying in luxury hotels and enjoying all the city had to offer. She quickly became a part of the upper class social scene where no one seemed to know or care where she or her money came from. She spent tons of cash and appeared to have great taste that was showcased in how she dressed, where she went and who she was with. But Anna was hiding something…

11 Howard

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It all started in a hotel at 11 Howard Street. The upper-class SoHo spot was used to servicing high-end clients from all over the world. Hotel regulars like actors, models, athletes and wealthy socialites took full advantage of all its wonderful amenities. But not all of their guests were celebrities, so as long as Anna could blend in and act like she belonged with the rich clientele, the hotel would have no reason to believe otherwise…

Making the right friends in the right places was essential for Anna, who was willing to do anything to live the life she wanted. When it came to where she was planning to live, she knew she had to establish a deeper connection than just a normal staff/guest relationship with someone on the inside. Enter Neffatari Davis, also known as Neff, a concierge who was an aspiring cinematographer that would soon become Anna’s best friend.


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Anna had been staying in beautiful hotels all over the city, so she knew exactly how to behave when it came time to check in and interact with the staff. Tipping $100 bills on a regular basis kept everything going, but she’d never made friends with an employee, something that would be invaluable to her at 11 Howard, especially considering that she wanted the hotel to be her place of residence for a while.

She was staying in a room that cost $400, and by the time her and Neff started getting close, she’d been there for a month. Their first interactions were initiated by Anna, asking about where to go and what to do in the city. But to Neff’s surprise, Anna never seemed to actually need the advice. Anna was able to name check all of the best places and even knew some regulars and employees. So why ask?

Big Tipper

Instagram – @theannadelvey

Neff soon realized Anna wanted to be her friend. They started going to clubs, bars and restaurants together and Neff was able to see that Anna treated everyone at all of the places in the city the same way she treated her at the hotel. Anna always tipped big, only with cash, and made acquaintances with people who either belonged to the elite upper class or could help her become a part of it.

The Personal Trainer

Instagram – @theannadelvey

Anna was spending money on much more than just going out at night. She hired a personal trainer for $4,500 and made sure to always be well taken care of no matter where she went. She was so generous with her money no one questioned where it was coming from or how she got it. All she had to do was keep everything going, and she did, until she couldn’t anymore…

Unknown Origin

Instagram – @anna.delvey

The people around Anna never thought twice about where she or her money came from. Her European accent suggested that she was part of some rich family and was using her inheritance or trust fund to spend time in the United States. This is actually a very common origin story for a lot of the individuals in the New York City social scene, so as far as anyone knew, her history checked out…

The Good Life

Instagram – @theannadelvey

Once she knew enough people and made the right connections, she started hosting parties and dinners for all of her wealthy friends at the nicest spots in the city. This would help her meet some of the most famous, rich and powerful people in the scene. Neff was always around, and noticed that everyone was attracted to the same qualities in Anna that she was…

People Person

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Everyone who met Anna was instantly won over by her charming personality. Many say it wasn’t that she was particularly nice or happy, just very open and comfortable. This was especially powerful around wealthy celebrities and socialites who were used to people acting differently around them. Anna seemed to be unfazed by their status, and that is often enough to stand out. But was she standing out in a good way?

Jet Setter

Instagram – @theannadelvey

She wasn’t just a regular at all of the hottest spots in New York City, Anna would also show up at the most exclusive places and events across the globe. Friends and acquaintances recall how quickly she would connect with everyone around her. It’s one thing for someone to blend in to the NYC social scene, but to fit in with the wealthiest jet setters in the world is another challenge entirely.

Michael Xufu Huang

Instagram – @theannadelvey

One of Anna’s new friends was the super successful museum founder and art collector Michael Xufu Huang. They met at an art show and hit it off immediately. The two began going out and even traveling together. It was on one of their trips that Anna finally made a mistake that would begin to unravel the complicated web of lies that she’d been spinning since she arrived in the scene…

Suspicious Behavior

Instagram – @anna.delvey

While overseas together, Anna’s behavior started standing out to Michael in ways he’d never noticed before. He confirmed that she truly did pay for everything with cash, but still didn’t think enough of it to try to figure out why or worry too much. But when Anna asked him to put the plane tickets and hotel charges on his credit card, promising to pay him back later, he had to wonder…

Back From Venice

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The two new friends had a great time in Venice, with Michael taking care of the flights and the rooms, and Anna paying for everything else with cash. Unfortunately, when the trip came to an end, Anna didn’t offer to pay him back. When he finally asked, she said she forgot. This is actually a pretty normal thing amongst these types of wealthy people, so he wasn’t too upset and eventually let it go, but…

Party Time

Instagram – @theannadelvey

Anna was getting sloppy. She started spending too much money and asking for favors from the wrong people. But everyone has that one friend who does this sort of stuff, so no one in her social circle really cared that much. But when she hired an expensive PR firm to help her throw a big party at one of the city’s nicest clubs, she’d make a mistake would get her in trouble with more than just her friends…

Gone Missing

Instagram – @anna.delvey

When it came time to pay her bills for the big bash, Anna was nowhere to be found. Michael got a message a few days later asking for Anna’s contact information because she owed a lot of money and was unreachable. This is when everything started adding up for Michael. He finally realized that all the signs he’d been picking up on were actually pointing to something…

Origin Stories

Instagram – @theannadelvey

He started asking mutual friends what they knew about Anna and it seemed that they all had a different story. Her aforementioned accent led pretty much everyone who knew her to assume that she was European, but no one knew exactly where she was from. Some guessed she was related to a Russian diplomat and others connected her to oil money. But soon they would find out the truth behind Anna’s origin…


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While all of this was happening, Anna was also working hard to establish an exclusive art club called The Anna Delvey Foundation. She found the perfect location and hired Marc Kremers, a creative director from London, to help her develop it. While they worked together to brand the new venture, she was doing everything she could to make sure that 281 Park Avenue South would be the home of The ADF.

An Anonymous Partner

Instagram – @theannadelvey

This meant figuring out how to get her hands on a lot of money and really capitalizing on all of the relationships she’d been developing. Anna was eventually able to find a financial partner who remained anonymous. Apparently she claimed to her potential partners that she had plenty of money but, because it was located in trusts outside of the United States, it would be difficult to get her hands on…

Pharma Bro

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Anna still had to do some fundraising, so she continued to throw lavish parties and invite the wealthiest guests she could find. Martin “pharma bro” Shkreli was one of these guests. He has spoken publicly about Anna, who apparently learned a lot from him. He would later become an infamous public figure after being convicted of securities fraud and serving jail time, but not before sharing some important tips with Anna…

In Over Her Head

Instagram – @theannadelvey

As she tried harder and harder to start her foundation, she ran into more problems that were different from many of the ones she’d been able to solve up to this point. While she had gotten away with more social scams at restaurants, bars, clubs and hotels, she was now dealing with lawyers and investors and real estate developers who weren’t as easy to fool…


Instagram – @anna.delvey

Anna was struggling with The ADF, and similar issues began to pop up in other areas of her life where they never had before. One night, she tried to use over a dozen different credit cards to pay for an expensive dinner, but all of them were declined. The 11 Howard where she’d being stay hadn’t received any money from her and didn’t have a valid credit card on file, so they started asking questions…

Outstanding Payments

Instagram – @anna.delvey

Since Neff was friends with Anna, management asked her to look into the lack of payment, which at that point sat at around $30,000. This was the first time Neff was put in this kind of position. She’d been around Anna a lot and hadn’t really seen anything too suspicious. But finding out how much she owed the hotel definitely qualified. Anna promised to send a wire transfer from her bank, but…

More Lies

Instagram – @theannadelvey

During the awkward confrontation, Anna did everything she could to convince Neff that the bill was just a simple misunderstanding and assured her that it would be taken care. But days went by and the wire transfer never came. Like Michael in Venice, Neff was finally having to come to terms with all the shady things Anna did. This led her to question Anna’s motivations, as well as their friendship…

The Wire Transfer

Instagram – @theannadelvey

As Neff got closer to asking the right questions about Anna’s identity, something amazing happened. The $30,000 wire transfer went through. This would certainly silence a lot of the concerns that occurred to anyone who knew about the massive bill, but how much time did Anna have before something like this happened again? All she could do was try to go back to normal and hope she could avoid this kind of thing in the future…

The Same Mistakes

Instagram – @anna.delvey

After magically paying her massive hotel debt, Anna attempted to keep up appearances. She continued to live the life of a wealthy socialite, but the hotel wasn’t going to let her take advantage of them anymore. They demanded she put a working card on her room, but when she couldn’t, they changed the code and locked her out. Anna was livid, and this is when she was able to use one of the tips she got from Martin Shkreli…

Tricks of the Trade

Instagram – @anna.delvey

Anna threatened to purchase web domains in all of the hotel managers names so that in order to use them in the future they would have to pay her tons of money. Her darker side was starting to come out, and caused many to wonder if she had been using these types of tricks all along. With all of her lies starting to catch up to her, she left on a trip to Morocco…


Instagram – @anna.delvey

She was joined by her personal trainer and a mutual friend who was also a videographer. But the trip didn’t go as planned. The trainer got sick and went back to New York early, but Anna wanted to stay out of the city for as much time as possible. It wasn’t long before she started running up bills she couldn’t pay, and finally the police got involved and threatened to arrest her…

Unpaid Bills

Instagram – @anna.delvey

Anna called her personal trainer and begged to borrow the money to stay out of jail. The personal trainer was reluctant, but finally agreed to help, but there was a problem. None of the trainer’s credit cards were going through either, so the hotel assumed it was a technical issue on their end. By the time they fixed the issue, the personal trainer was unavailable. Stick around to find out how Anna got away with this one…

Saved Again

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She was able to get out of trouble again and returned to the US where she moved into a new hotel that didn’t know about her history. It would’ve made sense for her to serious adjust how she was living and spending money she didn’t have, but the same problems arose. Anna ended up with an unpaid $11,518 bill hanging over her head. And on top of this, things would work out differently this time around…

Nowhere To Go

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Instead of getting out of it like she had before, she couldn’t pay the hotel what she owed and was kicked out. They even confiscated her belongings. Anna went from living in the most expensive hotels all over New York City to essentially being homeless. She reached out to friends and threatened suicide until she was able to find a place to stay…

Morocco Revisited

Instagram – @theannadelvey

She ended up crashing with her personal trainer, but revelations from the past would come back to haunt her when details from the Morocco trip surfaced. While the personal trainer had attempted to pay her bills and keep her out of jail, there was the previously discussed technical issue on the hotel’s side. When it came time to take care of the payment, someone else had to bail her out…

The Videographer

Instagram – @theannadelvey

Their mutual friend who went on the Moroccan vacation with them, the aforementioned videographer, had been forced to spend $62,000 for the trip that Anna was supposed to pay for. And she hadn’t paid her back. When the personal trainer learned this Anna was kicked out and cut off. She actually refused to leave the lobby and even returned after she was escorted off the property…

Bad Reputation

Instagram – @theannadelvey

All the other high-end hotels in the city had heard about Anna and none of her old tricks were working. She had burned so many bridges with friends and businesses that she found herself completely desperate. With nowhere else to turn, she asked her lawyer if she could stay with him. This was out of the question, but he still wanted to help. He invited her lunch and when she arrived she was totally shocked…

The Intervention

Instagram – @theannadelvey

Anna got to the restaurant, saw a lot of her old friends and assumed it was going to be a friendly lunch like all the ones she enjoyed before everything started falling apart. But it was actually a much needed intervention. They revealed that The ADF location had been bought by someone else and that they no longer believed she was who she appeared to be…

On The Run

Instagram – @anna.delvey

She refused to admit that she’d done anything they accused her of doing and left. At this point, news had spread about Anna and there were even publications printing stories about her. Anna’s former friends and colleagues, who she’d conned for thousands of dollars, were done being manipulated by her and decided to act. They even sent one of the articles, along with information about Anna, to the New York District Attorney’s Office…

Finally Arrested

Instagram – @theannadelvey

Anna was almost immediately arrested for her outstanding hotel bills and she made the news again. She somehow hired a lawyer and got out on bail, but then disappeared to Malibu, California. It wasn’t log before she was arrested again and forced to return to New York where she was being charged with grand larceny, attempted grand larceny and theft of services with a possible 15 years in prison…

The Truth

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She did everything she could to get out of it, but this time she was sent to Rikers Island without bail. Now the truth was ready to come out. It was finally revealed that Anna didn’t come from money. Instead, she was born in Russia in 1991 and grew up in a working-class German family. The world also learned her real name…

Justice Diane Kiesel

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Anna Sorokin attempted to reach a plea deal but the judge rejected it. As opposed to Anna’s proposed 1 to 3 year sentence, the judge offered a 3 to 9 year option, which Anna rejected, opting to go to trial. The judge, Justice Diane Kiesel, has seen no remorse or regret during Anna’s hearings, and plans to make an example of her…


Instagram – @anna.delvey

She is now in jail awaiting her trial where she faces a maximum punishment of up to 15 years in prison. Her story has spread through the press and even made its way to Hollywood. Shonda Rhimes, the woman behind a slew of hit television show, acquired the rights to the New York magazine profile and is developing a Netflix Original series based on Anna.

Rikers Island

Instagram – @anna.delvey

Anna has continued to use her gifts in jail on Rikers Island, where she has been making friends with every type of prisoner she comes in contact with. She even claims to be learning more about crime than she ever thought possible, something that could definitely be dangerous when she’s able to make it back out into the real world…

How She Did It

Instagram – @theannadelvey

Anna ended up conning people and businesses out of $275,000 using falsified documents to acquire multiple bank loans. She floated bad checks and took out lines of credit she couldn’t afford, hoping the success of The ADF would eventually bail her out. But it never did. This is her last instagram post before she went to Rikers Island, where she is currently awaiting her trial.

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