Here’s What Therapists Want You To Know About Being Politically Active

Pretty much the easiest way to stress yourself out right now is keeping up-to-date on everything that’s happening in the news. Obviously, being informed is important and unplugging for even a few hours at a time can feel like burying your head in the sand, but setting up some rules so you’re not constantly exposed to bad, stressful, and even potentially traumatic news is crucial, says Bonior.

What works and is actually realistic will be different for everyone, but Bonior says there are a few ways to think about it:

* Setting a time boundary. Limit yourself to certain times throughout the day (like a half hour in the morning and half of your lunch break, for example) so you don’t fall down a vortex of endless scrolling.

* Making certain places off-limits to news. Places like your bed or your workplace — just to create safe spaces to unplug.

* Reading only headlines until a pre-approved time. Skim news throughout the day so you don’t feel completely disconnected, but save details for later.

* Catching up on the news via digests at the end of the day. Newsletters like “What The Fuck Just Happened Today?” or the BuzzFeed News newsletter (shameless plug) put everything in a convenient place so you don’t have to waste time surfing around.

These are only a few suggestions, but you get the idea.

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