Dublin Hotel Puts Youtube Vlogger In Embarrassment When She Asked For A Free Accommodation

The Internet world is an amazing place where we can gain a lot of information and exposure to new things every minute of the day. Making a career out of it has become one of the highest grossing choices of the millennials. Whether it be a YouTuber, a blogger, or any other internet influencer. And many have claimed enormous success through social media and landed worldwide fanbase.

Their job is to do what they love (the dream of every human), film it and share an entertaining and influential content for whoever is watching it online. They have collaborations with famous brands and organization giving exposure in return to their fans across the globe with positive reviews. It’s a win-win situation with obviously hard work and determination. Nothing is easy as it looks.

But that dream became a nightmare for one particular vlogger, check out why!


YouTuber named Elle Darby got an invoice of €5,289,000 after a social media breakdown against her. And this is how it all started.

Darby is a 22-year-old youtube vlogger from Bath, Somerset. She and her partner were planning to spend the weekend before Valentine’s Day in Dublin, and they came across this amazing hotel, Charleville Lodge Hotel in Dublin.

Darby has 87,000 YouTube subscribers and 76,000 Instagram followers. She blogs and records videos about beauty and fitness.

Ready to get back into this fitness ish 💪🏽 with my trusty @womensbest strawberry kiwi BCAAs.. obv 😇 – With two holidays already booked this year, plus just having had surgery and being sofa-bound for nearly two weeks I feel SO ready to change my lifestyle back to the way that makes me feel good. Someone dm’d me the other day after I spoke about this on my story saying they felt the same, as they’d gone from ‘being the bikini competitor to the girl who asked OTHERS for fitness advice’.. and honestly, I couldn’t relate more 😂. I feel like I’m starting all over again! – In 2017, suffering with (what I NOW know was) an underactive thyroid – feeling exhausted, drained and just generally ill all the time – as well as what I think was sacrificing the rest of my life for ‘fitness’ (never go out with friends, created YouTube content I felt suited my audience more than it suited me, didn’t eat foods I loved and enjoyed – and food brings me happiness DYAKNOWHATIMEAN) I fell completely out of love with fitness. Done. Didn’t want it. Had absolutely zero interest. So… I took a little time off. About 6 months, to be exact. Like, WHAT?! A qualified PT, who literally lived & breathed fitness, competed in bikini, fought so hard to make fitness her lifestyle, her income.. It was a risky thing to do, because I genuinely didn’t see myself being as interested in it ever again, but – boy, did it relight the fire 😍 – I know it’s cliche, but I truly think the secret is to find a way of ‘fitness’ that YOU enjoy. This time round, I’m not limiting myself to 2 hours in the gym every day. I’m trying yoga, Zumba, walking, circuits, bringing friends along, learning to cook, discovering which food my body thrives off, which style of training makes me feel like b****y wonderwoman.. and when to let fitness take a backseat so life can be lived. The only standards that matter are the ones we set ourselves, and I’ve come to learn that my standards aren’t about having a massive b**t or being a size 6 but instead being a happy, confident, secure young woman who can influence others to find happiness in being healthy, too. Physically, but most importantly, mentally. 💕✨ #YOUDOYOUBOO

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She went ahead and emailed the owner of the hotel asking if they would be willing to give her free accommodation in the hotel in return for social media promotions and positive reviews on her vlogs.

Here is the screenshot of the email she sent.

She writes,”I would love to feature you on my Youtube videos/dedicated Instagram stories/posts to bring traffic to your hotel and recommend others to book up in return for free accommodation,”

But her business collab was not only turned down by Mr. Stenson but he also uploaded the brutal reply on their Facebook page.

He wrote, ”If I let you stay here in return for a feature in your video, who is going to pay the staff who look after you? Who is going to pay the housekeepers who clean your room?”
He didn’t reveal her identity, but he said that the girl lacked “self-respect and dignity”. He also adds,”Maybe I should tell my staff they will be featured in your video in lieu of receiving payment for work carried out while you’re in residence?”

Darby tweeted this before she posted a video on YouTube responding to the hate trolls she got.

And here is the video with the title, “I was exposed (SO embarrassing)”.

In the video, she explains how it all started, and how she is trying to do her business from home being a young girl of just 22, and how she is trying to stand up for her fellow bloggers who face this kind of hate on daily basis.

The owner of the hotel responded back saying.

”The girl in question was never identified in my original post, but she herself went on to create a video explaining how she was ‘exposed’ with ‘malicious intent’ for asking for a freebie.”
”This kind of victimization is very prevalent in the blogging industry and is in keeping with their general modus operandi of wanting everything for nothing. If any of you attempt to enter our premises from now on, you will be ejected.”

This is the Invoice the Hotel charged Darby for the public attention she received.

Mr. Stenson charged the YouTuber of having gained publicity through his actions in social media which is valued to be €4.3m plus VAT. The description for the charge in the invoice reads, ”the provision of features in 114 articles across 20 countries with a potential reach of 450 million people”. And in the terms below, it is included that, “Mentions in videos will not qualify as payment”.

Let’s hope the drama ends there and things get better soon. I don’t know which side to take because I’m a very neutral person and there are both pros and cons to both sides of the story. So, I’ll let you guys do the honors of deciding it.

(h/t: DailyMail)

Dublin Hotel Puts Youtube Vlogger In Embarrassment When She Asked For A Free AccommodationWroops – Most Fascinating Stories on The Internet.

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