Couple illustrates the Real Pleasure of A Relationship in Lovable Comics

Artist Crislane Passo is the creator of the couple, garnering 175k followers on Instagram, Max & Julia who became quite popular among his fans because of the easy relatability. The things this couple does together is what every one of us has at least one fond memory of.

The silent love Julia and Max share is enough to get a googly smile on your face. While you grin ear to ear, watching them do the daily task from- teasing each other while brushing to cuddling at night, they tug a string at your heart.


1. There’s no other way of putting it better.

2. Getting beautiful is a very painful procedure.

3. The beautiful moments in a relationship are the ones which are the most intimate.

4. Ahhh! Definitely a peculiar dream.

5. Isn’t it cute when your partner cries about the most absurd things?

6. Only men understand each other perfectly. Or so they think.

7. And then she never got her slice back.

8. Everything they do has a full-fledged logic behind it which is not supposed to make sense.

9. Don’t do anything without asking.


11. And doesn’t this make for an adorable picture?

12. Let’s just melt into a puddle, shall we?

A big shout out to equal rights of men.

13. Let’s kill all those pimples, shall we?

14. All she needs is her man by her side all the time.

15. Aww, isn’t it cute when he gets jealous?

16. She loves getting creative with his hair.

17. Well, all women tend to zone out sometimes.

And she knows how to give a good surprise.

If she acts like a cat than he is….?

18. She gets saucy too sometimes.

19. Just like fire and ice, balancing it out.

20. A romantic date with the sunset is a perfect time ever.

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