Bartenders Are Sharing Their Best Stories About Fake IDs After This 22-Year-Old’s Epic Story

Recently, Kleo had an experience in her bar that is pretty crazy: She got handed her own lost ID as a fake ID.

Kleo explained she was working at her bar when a group of girls came in. They were doomed from the start because when the first girl handed her an ID, she recognized it was her friend Jess.

“I laughed and said, ‘Nice fake, I know Jess,’ and handed it back,” she said.

Finally, a girl handed Kleo a New York license that was fake, vertical denoting that the person was underage, and cracked in half. But when she looked at the photo, she realized it was her own license she had lost a few years ago.

“So I start laughing kind of in shock and I’m like, ‘Nice fake, not the best pic of me is it?'” she said. “All of her friends were so confused too. I guess it’s just not something you expect to ever happen.”

“I was underage once too — remember where you came from, right?” she said.

Kleo added the girl told her the ID has a storied history since it was first lost a few years ago.

“She said that a girl found it and used it till she was 21, then she sold it to her (the girl I met with it),” Kleo said.

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