A 19-Year-Old Created The Viral Twitter Thread About What It Takes To Be Beyoncé’s Assistant

A viral thread on Twitter is asking an important question: Could you make it a day as Beyoncé’s assistant without getting fired?

The choose-your-own-adventure–style thread went viral over the weekend, asking people to make a series of tough calls: What would Beyoncé want for breakfast? How do you handle the paparazzi? Where should she go to get ready for an event?

The questions were detailed, and honestly, it was super hard.

Even fellow celebrity Chrissy Teigen said she only made it a few rounds. And her assistant — a professional! — couldn’t make it past the first question.

The thread’s creator, 19-year-old Landon Rivera, told BuzzFeed News he spent about five hours writing and building it because he made up the questions as he went along.

“It’s pretty much divided off common logic and some Beyoncé trivia,” said the student and freelance graphic designer.

He said he’d seen another choose-your-own-adventure thread about a year ago, but it wasn’t detailed and the questions were very black and white. He’d also never seen a game thread based on pop culture.

“I know more than enough about Beyoncé, so I decided, why not make it about working with her?” he said.

He didn’t expect the thread to blow up. Hundreds of thousands of people have liked and shared it, and it quickly inspired copycats.

Now, Rivera said he’s working on another thread, and he’s also gotten opportunities from his Beyoncé’s assistant piece. A couple of writers have reached out to him about pitching a show, he added.

Rivera thinks the appeal of the Beyoncé thread is that people don’t have to be a die-hard stan to participate. (But as a die-hard stan himself, Rivera wanted to add that The Lion King, featuring Beyoncé as Nala, comes out July 19.)

It’s unclear if Queen Bey herself has seen the thread.

“I hope she would laugh and not be too offended,” Rivera said. “Especially since I kind of twisted her persona to be a cliché celebrity.”

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