30 Times People Couldn’t Believe Their Luck In Thrift Stores

“My buddy Ashley turned me on to this group, and I have something y’all might find interesting. Obviously, if I’m here, I love all things weird, creepy, and unusual. I found this picture at an antique shop in Edgefield, SC. I saw it tucked away in a back room and knew I had to have it. It was in the frame it is still in, but there was a ton of mold underneath the glass and photo was torn. It’s a pretty big piece at about 16″x36” in the frame, but it was in pretty nasty-looking. There was no price tag, so I asked the owner what he would take for it. He said it came from his aunt’s estate and told me would take $75. “Ehhhh,” I said. “I was thinking more like $25 since it is in such bad shape.” He looked at me, smiled, and said, “Okay, but I have to tell you the story behind it.” I was totally pumped to hear this creepy-ass nun picture had a backstory! He told me it is a photo of his great-aunt Helen Gardner who was a silent film actress. She was the first actor (male or female) to start her own film production company. She is most remembered for starring in an adaptation of Cleopatra which was produced by her production company. Apparently, this was the first 6000′ feature length film. Once the industry advanced to talking films, her career didn’t last much longer. I brought her home (for $25!), and cleaned the photo and glass and replaced the backing. Thankfully, the original mat, frame, and glass were in great shape. I’ve done some research on Ms. Gardner, and it sounds like she was a real pioneer. I haven’t been able to find a digital copy of this particular picture online, but I’m thinking it may be from her 1914 film “Pieces of Silver: A Story of Hearts and Souls.” She hangs in my hallway, and she creeps my husband way the hell out!”

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