30 People Who Spotted Celebrities In Public And They Acted In A Way That Suits Their Character

It would an obvious lie to say that none of us have ever dreamed about meeting our celebrity crush. Running into them in a theater? Or maybe seeing them on a hiking trail that you jog on every morning, while the rising sun colors the horizon in the perfect orange hues? Ah, but when people do actually meet celebrities, it’s usually much more mundane and the setting is not what most “mortals” expect.

On February 28, an American author from New York City, Jaya Saxena, decided to ask her Twitter followers about their celebrity encounters. And not just any encounters, but as she put it “most accurate celebrity sighting”. What does that mean? Well, it probably implies that the timing, setting or the actions that the celebrity was seen taking somehow seems “fitting” to their personality, or a character that they played. 

It’s little surprise that people flocked to share their stories in a Twitter thread that followed Jaya’s original request. Scroll down below to see what celebrities people happened to see and in what setting. Oh, and don’t forget to comment an vote for your favorites!

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