27 Useful Products Around $100 Our Readers Actually Swear By

“Air fryer! I have a Crock Pot and Instant Pot but I only use them maybe once or twice a month. The air fryer gets used at least three or four times a week by myself or my boyfriend. It’s awesome for frozen or fresh food and is a life saver in the summer when it’s a million degrees in the kitchen. I got this one and the size works well for two people. [Ed. note: the one pictured and linked here!]


“I use mine several times a week. I live for French fries and this way I can have a smaller portion with way less calories. Plus, it’s the only way I’ve found too cook them at home to taste as good as a restaurant. And it’s great for veggie burgers, tots, chicken strips, and so much more!!”


“I live in Oklahoma which can get hot in the summer. I frequently make sweet potatoes for my dogs, or a baked potato for myself, because I hate heating up the oven for a couple of potatoes. It is also perfect for making pork chops or chicken strips. Everything cooks so quick. The most useful product of the year.”


Reviewers for this air fryer say it’s perfect for everything from mozzarella sticks to wings to sweet potato fries. Get it on Amazon for $42.14+ (available in five colors).

If you want to make bigger batches of things, consider upgrading to the Phillips, which is $129.95 on Amazon (and comes with a free cookbook!) — read our Philips airfryer review for more on that option.

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