20 Casual Things You’ll Be Surprised To Know What They Look Like Inside

We have come across so many things in our life that we do not give second thoughts into how they actually come into being. Rather we go about doing our thing as pondering over the functioning of things seem like a waste of time. Nonetheless, this world is filled with beauty. You can go on with your life after this compilation but as for time goes, we would like to show you how a bowling alley looks like from behind or a movie theater for that matter.

As you have never wondered what a cinnamon looks like before the form you have always seen, it’s high time you have a glance at it. This gallery is going to be a wonderful enlightenment about things that have never crossed your mind, not even once.

So this is how a few things look on the inside.

1. A movie theater looks like this from behind.


2. In case you were wondering, this is what a cactus looks like from bottom.


3. It’s amazing how beautiful something that does ugly things looks on the inside.


One simply cannot deny how ornamented this appears to be.

4. Traffic control device that keeps the city in order.

5. Fire suppression system activated in an airplane hangar.

5. Inside a zippo.

6. This is what a tortoise looks like on the inside.

7. Beijing traffic control system is dope.

8. This is what a 9-volt battery actually is.

9. What a shaving cream can look like inside.

10. Freshly stripped Cinnamon doesn’t look that pretty.

11. The inside of a Furby will make you run for the hills in one glance.

12. Behind the scenes of a bowling alley. Never gave a second thought to it, did ya?

You didn’t give much notice to how things work there all this time.

13. The gas pump we all visit all too often.

14. Bungee cord looks like a pretty little thing.

15. Sensors on a dartboard look like a designer piece of clothing.

What a pretty sight this one.

16. Inside of a tire is so darn unpredictable.

It’s rough and rugged.

17. Fire hydrant prior to being buried.

18. The inside of a firework is a pretty sight.

There is something undeniably beautiful about this.

19. Inside of a Redbox machine.

Not what you have been expecting a Redbox machine to be like from the inside.

20. An escalator in making.

Doesn’t ring any bell, does it?

Fascinating, isn’t it? This was quite an amusing ride to see everything on the inside.

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