16 Times When People got Tripped Hard by Life

No one can control mistakes or accidents from happening, or else it wouldn’t be called ‘mistake’. Well, we can surely try to prevent ourselves and try to stay cautious about letting stupid mistake happen to us but if it was meant to happen, you can’t do much about it, you’ll just have to face it. The worst case scenario could be hurting yourself pretty bad.

Yeah, I know it sucks to trip or fall in front of your peers but you know, all of us have those moments too, it’s nothing new! We just get up and laugh about that’s all we can do. So, here we have some pictures that people shared of their own sucky times, let’s have a laugh together!


1. She got hurled pretty bad.

2. Pretty and cute but no more.

3. Good luck to your friend in cleaning that up!

4. My heart skipped a bit.

5. Dang, that’s gonna take time to fix.

6. Strong feeling they all had the same hairstylist.

7. The downside of the vacuum cleaner.

8. Yeah, your life is gonna be a mess now.

9. The day just keeps on getting worse.

10. Even the cleaner wants you to be clean shaved.

11. For a min, I thought a bird got murdered there!

12. That car surely got a cold bath.

13. Will she be that calm if he really falls?

14. Someone is gardening in the wrong spot.

15. Not funny or amusing at all.

16. “The water hates me!”

(h/t: Acidcow)

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