16 Food Items That Are Edible Even After Their Expiration Date

Suddenly you’re craving for a snack at a weird time, you go to the kitchen and start to prep a quick sandwich. But then you find out that your mayo is expired, which just sinks your heart because you haven’t even touch half of the jar. It is the terror of the “Expiry date” that haunts everyone. It impacts our brain into thinking that once the food is expired it’s basically poison.

However, there are some foods that last beyond the expiry date. The labels on the food products are not always necessary for the consumers, some of them are for the retail purposes, so you gotta check them properly. Anyways, here are some of those food items that are edible even after their expiry date. Trust me, after reading this list you’d be happy, that I can assure you.


1. Pasta.

As pasta is dry, they can be kept for months after it’s expiration date until it has a weird smell and color. You can store them anywhere but not the refrigerator.


2. Lettuce.

Lettuces and green leaves can look dry and weird if they are stored for many days in the fridge, but with an ice bath, it will be fresh as new again. Though, if it’s yellow then you should throw them away.


3. Pickled foods.

Pickles stays good for years, as it is stored in acidic liquids.


4. Soda.

Since sodas have chemicals in it it can last for 3-4 months after getting expired.


5. Processed Cereals.

As long as they are sealed and stored properly these highly processed cereals are good to go for another 6 months.


6. Bread.

Freezing baked bread can prolong it from getting expired.


7. Eggs.

They can be stored for many days and weeks if refrigerated.


8. Canned foods.

Due to its tight seals and no oxygen, canned foods stay good for as long as you store them properly in a dark area.


9. Chips.

There is no oxygen inside the package and it’s highly processed so it is edible for a long time even if it crosses the expiry date.


10. Pork.

If you cook the pork properly you can store it up to three days.


11. Meat.

Meat can be stored in the freezer which keeps the meat fresh and fine for about a year even if it expires.


12. Mayonaise.

So, turns out mayo are edible even after expiry date for 3-4 months.


13. Hard cheese.

As they are preserved dairy products, they go for years. But when it smells very bad, then you can’t use it anymore.


14. Bottled water.

Water never expires no matter what, you just have to make sure if the bottle is still safe enough.


15. Butter.

Trust me I have kept my butter very long and I’m still alive. You just have to keep them in the fridge.


16. Milk.

They stay fresh up to a week after the expiration date. If it tastes sour then it is spoiled.

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