12 Creations That Wouldn’t Exist In The World Without Women

Can’t imagine a world without women, can we? Since the beginning of mankind, women have always been the heart and soul of society. Well, back in the days, women were not allowed to speak or share any ideas in a room full of men or let alone in the streets. They were considered as machines that are just built for needs, love, and care. But those days are long gone and even now, though modern women have evolved so strongly, they are and will always be the architect of society.

The contribution of women to the world is unimaginable, it may be in art, literature, science or business and to the most important undying maternal love. Ironic how men dominate over women daily but get shut down so easily when their women decline their affections. In order to highlight it here are the conventional innovations by female inventors, entrepreneur, and creator which are unimaginable to live without in our lives.


1. Beer.

According to historian author Jane Peyton’s research, ‘ale’ was traditionally made by women in their homes in ancient England. These women were known as brewsters or ale-wives. So, they were the first primary brewers in the history of beer.


2. Harry Potter.

We all know about the magical world of Hogwarts, thanks to the author J.K Rowling. The series has a wide range of fan across the globe with half a billion of its books printed in more than 70 languages worldwide that introduced us the magical trio; Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ronald Weasley. Big fan myself, can’t imagine a world without my favorite spell, Alohomora!


3. Wifi.

Okay, this one I think changed the whole spectrum of work ethics and the digital world. Former Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr created a patent of the spread-spectrum radio which she invented during the World War II, she gifted it to the US Navy as an alliance during the war and the rest is history.


4. Chocolate chip cookies.

What would Santa eat without the iconic milk and cookies on Christmas eve, aye? American Chef of the 1930’s Ruth Graves Wakefield also the owner of Toll House Inn is the one who invented the glorious triple’C’. Initially, she was making her butterscotch cookies but came up with a new recipe using chopped pieces of Nestlé chocolate bar and bam! The famous Chocolate Chip Cookie.


5. Beauty Blender.

This is the messiah of the Makeup world. Rea Ann Silva is the makeup artist who came with this idea to invent a small pink sponge use for blending foundations and concealer while using makeup. It hit the stores in 2003 and now it is everywhere, in my pouch too!


6. Disposable diapers.

Not a mother yet but I can imagine the time and energy saved by this invention in the lives of women worldwide. Marion Donovan is the inventor and entrepreneur behind this useful waterproof diapers. Her creation also earned her election to the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2015.


7. Coffee.

Yes, the favorite of millions. A gazillion cheers to Melitta Bentz, a German Entrepreneur who invented coffee filter in the year 1908.


8. Thursday night TV.

Without the famous shows created by Shonda Rhimes, Thursday nights would be just a normal boring night. And most of these shows were portrayed by strong female characters.


9. Monopoly.

The famous business game was introduced by Charles Darrow but the main person behind its invention is a woman named Elizabeth Magie. Apparently, he stole her idea.


10. Hairbrush.

Lyda Newman, an African American of Manhattan came up with the idea of synthetic bristles as hairbrushes in the year 1898. And now, even dog have hairbrushes, it came a long way!


11. Web Browser.

All those apps on your phone that you wouldn’t lose for anything is possible because of the invention of the web browser. And the magician of this creation is computer programmer Ada Lovelace from London.


12. Soul Cycle.

The fitness company has helped many women in maintaining their health and posture, making it a millennial fitness cleansing method. It is based in New York, its female founders are Elizabeth Cutler, Julie Rice, Ruth Zukerman who founded the company in 2006. 

(h/t: PopSugar)

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